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2-roller rolling machine

The automatic hydraulic 2-roll rolling machine is a new type rolling machine on which a roll is made of steel and the other roll comprises a steel core covered by elastic layer (rubber roll). The plate can be arranged between rolls with adjustable distance. With process of contacting – pressurizing – rubber roll deforming, the plate is deformed and then rolled to specified shape when both rolls are driven to rotate. The equipment has advantages of forming in one piece, high production efficiency, high geometric accuracy of finished product, good surface quality and simple structure with fewer rolls. PLC (programmable logic controller) is adopted on equipment, so operation is simple and numerical control of production process can be easily realized.
It can be broadly applied in many fields such as automobile manufacturing, electromechanical industry, solar energy, aeronautics and astronautics and weapons manufacturing for rapidly rolling thin wall pipe, vent pipe, water heater pipe and filter in batch.

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